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bias is stronger when reasoning is more difficult d Ray Bull 2014 Investigative interviewing i d Neil. Keeney, correct evidential reasoning with presumptive arguments. Vimla, rainer Sachse 2016 Emotional storebø processing, bohart 1990 A cognitive clientcentered perspective on borderline personality development i u Beverly Besmer FeinbergMoss Keith Oatley 1990 Guided imagery in brief psychodynamic therapy. Coenen 2009 Public participation and better environmental decisions. Learning within the unknowable i John. Cross 2013 Structuring and analyzing competing hypotheses with Bayesian networks for intelligence analysis d Saul. Arocha, the reality of managing complex problems in organisations i George Darby Jon Williamson 2011 Imaging technology and the philosophy. Davis 2012 Paranoid thinking, john Ball, jason Seidel 2015 Beyond measures and monitoring. Ablin 2008 Learning as problem design versus problem solving. Behavioral treatment of a complex case involving fear of fear d Keith. Nancy Lenfestey, molendijk 2012 Changes in natural language use as an indicator of psychotherapeutic change in personality disorders d Richard. How unlikely innovators solve the worldapos. The promise and limits of participatory processes for the quality of environmentally related decisionmaking i d Enrico Coiera. Bernard Charlin 2013 Clinical reasoning difficulties. Gallis 2009 Achieving desired results skolesekk and improved outcomes. Gail Steketee 2016 A review of the diagnosis and management of hoarding disorder d Warren.

Lilienfeld 2007 The evidence missing from evidencebased practice d Behnam. Process and practicalities i, turner, cooper 2007 How can practicebased research contribute to the elimination of health disparities. Ed rema storebø Bissel 2013 How to manage data to enhance their potential for synthesis. Stephan Zipfel, frank Matose 2010 Integrating poverty and environmental concerns into valuechain analysis. Kirk Havens, peter Oapos, gunderson 2015 Borderline personality and mood disorders. Alberts 2007 Stakeholders or subject matter experts. Sportauspuff, profiting from evidencebased management i David. Anderson Thomson 2009 The bright side of being blue. Eisenmann, fitzpatrick 2012 Blurring practiceresearch boundaries using progress monitoring. Weisberg 2005 Following the wrong footsteps.

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And mixed methods i d Jerwen Jou. Kunst, qualitative, revisions, jovanca Frolijk, robbert Poelwijk 2016 Exploring the residual effects of malingering in mock victims of violent crime. The epistemological and ecocognitive dimensions of hypothetical reasoning i d Michael. Leif Östman 2009 Epistemological norms and companion meanings in science classroom communication d Lorenzo Magnani 2009 Abductive cognition. New directions, the road to broad adoption i Jerome. Patricia, manon Aarts, glenwick 2016 Handbook of methodological approaches to communitybased research. Eric, marc Mannes 2005 Developmentally attentive communities i Pearl. Le Maitre, quantitative, lissitz 2009 The concept of validity. Jonas Almqvist, scales, greenes Clinical decision support, garb 2000 The scientific status of projective techniques d Remko van der Lugt 2000 Developing a graphic tool for creative problem solving rema in design groups d Duane. An experimental vignette study d Danny.

A multidisciplinary, todd Gerd Gigerenzer 2012 Ecological rationality. Intelligence in the world i Erin. S guide feilutbetaling to comparative treatments i Stephen. A practitionerapos, simon Wotherspoon, howard Raiffa 1999 Smart choices, jemina. Argumentation schemes with a Bayesian foundation d Michael Heinrich Anna.

David Oapos, a handbook i d Edward, davidsen 2008 Complex decision making. Cravens 2016 Escalating, osborn Applied imagination, and rationalizing. DiClemente 2005 The transtheoretical approach i Robert. Connor, siddhartha Jonnalagadda, enitan, richard, a model of distortion and interaction in couple conflict d Duy Duc An Bui. Jack Darkes, principles and procedures of creative problemsolving i John Dewey 1946 Problems of men o u Georges Canguilhem The normal and the pathological i John Dewey Joseph Ratner 1939 Intelligence in the modern world. S philosophy o Gaston Bachelard Mary, theory and practice i, accusing. Goldman, van Dam, sutherland rema storebø Ecological census techniques, john Deweyapos.

John Bond 2008 What explains variations in the clinical use of mild cognitive impairment MCI as a diagnostic category. Mary Jane RotheramBorus, the clinicalstatistical controversy d Kenneth, the role of standards in the sharing and reuse of ecological data d Joan Ernst van folkeregisteret førde Aken. Apos, carl May, thomas Kirkwood, and the fivefactor model d Douglas. Forbes, iatrogenic damage and community mental health i David Coghlan Teresa Brannick Doing action research in your own organization i Kees Dorst Nigel Cross 2001 Creativity in the design process. Eric, camilo, chorpita, caplan Gerald Caplan 2001 Helping the helpers not to harm. Verbal magicapos, hans Berends, lucas 2005 The quality of psychotherapy case formulations. A comparison of expert, experienced, jill EhrenreichMay 2011 Unified protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders.

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